Words to Action – Community is an interactive education program for youth and adult family members designed to empower and equip participants with constructive and effective responses to anti-Semitic incidents, stereotypes, and myths. Words to Action workshops are ideal for the following groups:

  • Middle school students attending Bat/Bar Mitzvah classes or Hebrew School at their synagogues*
  • Middle school students attending Jewish Day Schools*
  • Middle school students involved in Jewish youth groups*

*May include parents

Words to Action workshop helps Jewish youth, family members, teachers and community members to address the changing face of anti-Semitism by:

  • Increasing their understanding and awareness of anti-Semitism in their lives
  • Providing opportunities to explore and strengthen their Jewish identity
  • Countering anti-Semitic stereotypes and myths with accurate information
  • Providing skills to respond effectively and constructively to the variety of ways anti-Semitism manifests itself, from insensitive or biased comments to hate-motivated incidents


Plan a Words to Action Workshop

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