Whether teaching a full semester Holocaust Studies course or including information about the Holocaust in a unit of study on World War II, this curriculum allows teachers to choose as little or as much material as they can cover in a specific time period and still cover the subject matter effectively. Developed primarily for use with high school students, the Echoes and Reflections curriculum has also been adapted successfully to accommodate both younger and older students.

Echoes and Reflections supports study in United States and World History, English, Holocaust Studies, Fine Arts, Character Education, and the Social Sciences, and meets or reinforces U.S. national standards in Social Studies, English/Language Arts, and Viewing and Media Literacy, as well as a number of state standards.

Acquaint yourself or others in your school with Echoes and Reflections by reviewing material from Lesson 4: The Ghettos. Watch testimony from two survivors who experienced life in the Lodz ghetto, and see how visual history testimony is seamlessly integrated into the lesson. Explore the organization of the lessons and the type of content that you can expect to see across the curriculum.