The Volunteer Program provides participants the opportunity to have a hands-on role with the work of ADL New York Region. Volunteer activities help ADL New York expand and implement education workshops, hold successful events and programs and develop effective marketing strategies.

To learn more about each volunteer group, click on the links below!

Education Ambassadors

Events & Community Action Volunteers

Marketing & Communications Volunteers

 *Please read the following additional information*

All volunteers are required to attend a volunteer orientation meeting at the ADL Headquarters in New York, NY prior to assuming volunteer responsibilities. These meetings are held 4 times throughout the year. The upcoming orientation will be held in early 2018!

A contribution of $360 to the ADL Volunteer Fundraising Campaign is required of volunteers. To contribute, you can join the Volunteer Peer-to-Peer Fundraising Campaign! By joining this campaign, you can create your own personal fundraising page and reach out to friends, family and neighbors for small donations to ADL on your behalf. This is a great way to reach your goal of raising $360 and spread the word about ADL within your communities. Creating a page takes no more than 3 minutes! Click here to begin and choose “become a fundraiser.” You can also make a personal donation by clicking here and choosing “make a donation”.

Upon registering to join the volunteer program, you will receive information regarding an upcoming orientation meeting.

To officially register to become an ADL Volunteer, please fill out the form below.

For more information, contact Smerkrebs@adl.org

ADL Volunteer Registration Form

  • *Please note this philanthropic commitment to ADL is required of all members of the Volunteer Program.