No Place For Hate is designed to enhance a culture of respect and to create a safe, bully-free learning environment for students at all grade levels. In compliance with the New York State Dignity Act, No Place For Hate offers schools the opportunity to be recognized for their staff development and student training related to bullying, harassment and discrimination.

Since ADL is dedicated to the mission of ending hatred and bigotry toward all people, we offer No Place for Hate free of charge to every school. Schools that fulfill all requirements will receive a personalized No Place For Hate banner at the end of the school year.


Click here to join the 2014-2015 No Place for Hate movement! 



1.  Register by October 15, 2014.

Register here to provide your school/contact information.

Next, provide a listing of your No Place for Hate Committee Members. Suggested committee members include students, faculty and staff members, administrators, family members, and community leaders the reflect the diversity of the school community. Once ADL receives your information, you will receive the No Place For Hate Resource Guide, listing over 30 possible projects.

*Optional* Your activities for No Place for Hate should enhance understanding of diversity, bias and inclusion and should foster harmony in your school community. They should impact the entire school community and be student driven. If you are unsure if your activities meet the criteria, you can submit an Activity Proposal Form for us to review. We will look it over and get back to you with concerns and/or approval by November 3rd, 2014.

2.  Sign the Resolution of Respect/Promise by December 23, 2014.

Have a majority of students, teachers and staff sign the Resolution/Promise Signature Page affirming their commitment to No Place For Hate through the Resolution of Respect (for Middle and High Schools) or the No Place for Hate Promise (for Elementary Schools).

3.  Submit an Activity Fulfillment Form for each of your completed activities by April 1, 2015. 

The completed Activity Fulfillment Form should include any supplemental material (press releases, articles, photos, videos, etc.) If the files are too large to send with the online form, you can send them to ADL by mail or email.



Activity Guidelines

No Place for Hate Committee Form

Activity Proposal Form

Resolution/Promise Signature Page

Resolution/Promise Signature Submission Form

Activity Fulfillment Form

NPFH Checklist

Pin, Sticker and Wristband Order Form