Next Generation Philanthropy (NGP) is the founding emerging philanthropic division of ADL in New York City. Originally founded in 2002, NGP has attracted over 3,000 emerging philanthropists and has raised over $1 million for ADL’s work in New York City. By joining NGP, you will be a part of a strong tradition of the next generation securing justice and fair treatment to all.

NGP Initiatives Include

  • Outreach Network: The NGPC Outreach Network (NGPC ON) provides personal, intimate opportunities for NGPC leaders to connect their friends and neighbors to the mission and work of ADL in the New York Region. Originally created by the Chicago region, NGPC ON empowers current NGPC leaders to serve as ambassadors for ADL in their communities. NGPC ON hosts events with ADL experts, individuals who have been impacted by ADL’s work and/or other experts within areas of focus for ADL in accessible environments. These events can be held on any day of the week and in a variety of formats, including but not limited to breakfasts, lunches, wine tastings, Shabbat dinners, sports outings, and the like. The format of the events is intended to balance an opportunity to learn about ADL from experts within the fields of focus for ADL with the social and networking aspects of involvement in NGP.
  • ArtWorks ADL: Justice, Advocacy & Art: Founded by the vision, creativity and energy of NGP leadership in 2012, ArtWorks ADL expresses the universality of ADL’s mission through art. Since its inception it has brought together over 60 artists, raised over $100,000 and over 700 supporters committed to the mission of ADL. It is now featured in ADL regions nationwide in Los Angeles, Chicago, West Palm Beach, Denver and Detroit.
  • Imagine Gala: The Imagine Gala is NGP’s founding signature event. Since 2007, Imagine has brought together over 1,000 supporters and raised over $350,000 for ADL’s work in the New York Region. Imagine is held at exclusive locations throughout New York City in celebration of ADL.
  • A DAY OF DIFFERENCE: Modeled after ADL’s nationally awarded A World of Difference institute, A DAY OF DIFFERENCE is NGPC’s first annual day of service.  A DAY OF DIFFERENCE connects NGPC to ADL’s work and how it makes an impact in communities in New York City. For one day, ADL will bring its NGPC supporters to volunteer with a No Place for Hate (NPFH)   school for a hands-on volunteer project that will benefit the school and its community. In 2012, ADOD brought together 75 volunteers and students to paint a No Place for Hate (R) mural.

As an NGP Supporter, you can begin your philanthropic journey with ADL today that will lead you into the future. The level of giving and benefits of NGP are:

Ambassador: $1,000
Advocate plus:

  • Complimentary tickets to all NGPC special events, including the Imagine gala
  • Preferred pricing for National Meetings registration
  • Invitations to Leadership 2020 special events at National Meetings
  • Invitations to quarterly conference calls/video chats with top ADL experts
  • Invitation to annual Fly-In/Leadership 2020 Retreat with leaders from across the country
  • Opportunity serve on Leadership 2020 Core Group Subcommittees

Advocate: $360

  • Preferred pricing for all NGPC special events, including the annual Imagine Gala
  • Opportunity for leadership on NGP special event and Executive Board subcommittees (Development, Marketing, Events, Outreach Network and Glass Leadership Institute Recruitment & Alumni Relations)
  • Invitations for NGPC Outreach Network receptions, personal, intimate opportunities for NGPC leaders to connect their friends and neighbors to the mission and work of ADL in the New York Region.

For more information on NGP, contact